Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Bittersweet" and "Love is the Elle Word" at NFFTY!

Nearly two years later, Bittersweet is still going strong, screening at the National Film Festival For Talented Youth on Sunday March 30th as part of the festival's Family Cinema program. Bittersweet is one of two of my films screening at NFFTY this year, the other being my first independent short Love Is the Elle-Word, which premiered Saturday March 29th.

This is likely going to be Bittersweet's final film festival, marking the end of a long and fruitful run through the festival circuit. My thanks goes out to my friend, fellow classmate, and producer Coburn Erskine, who tirelessly championed this film (and since he was still a high school student, he was able to submit to more student festivals long after I had graduated!)

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