Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 197

(Technically: 341)

28 Weeks Later

We have a rough cut of "NYZ" assembled. I've just been doing it myself for now, and will be looking for an editor to come along and actually do a proper edit, since as the director I am a little attached to it and could use an objective pair of eyes to help.

I've been in Seattle for a week for a little break, and I got the chance to visit my old high school today to stop by and screened the rough cut to the high school kids in the video program. Got some good feedback, and we had a very thorough discussion afterward where the students offered some great notes on how to make it better. We'll most likely be doing some a pick-up shoot sometime soon to fix a few continuity problems as well as a way to improve transitions between scenes and adding to the storyline.

Speaking of things that won't die...

I know vampires suck, but really...? Do we really need this?

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