Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 221

(Technically: 365)

Pre-Production officially began one year ago today, with the first day of class where we pitched our project ideas in the hopes of getting the coveted allotments. How nerve-racking, how young, full of cautious optimism, blissfully unaware of the trials that lied before us...

Now, one year later, (not in DC Comics time, mind you), we have returned to school to finish NYZ, which is currently undergoing its second rough cut, hopefully getting towards a fine cut in the next month or so.

While one shooting day was affected by rain, forcing us to postpone that scene to a later date, there are other spots that the rough cut has brought to light that need tweaking, so a few pick-ups are currently being planned as well as the scene we need to re-shoot. And now that we know how it all fits together, we know how to best utilize the time to make the final pieces fall into place. For now, courage.

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