Monday, November 15, 2010

George and Ballard High School Filmmakers on KPLU

Last August, I came home to Seattle for a few weeks to unwind and relax. During that time, I was invited back to Ballard High School by Matt Lawrence to talk to his video students and show them my latest work, Kiss Me, I'm English and NYZ.

Gary Davis, who runs the local Artscape program on KPLU came by to interview former and current Ballard video students in a piece that just came out last night called "Following Aristotle: Ballard High's Storytellers."

Also featured in the piece were fellow BHS alum Madison Murphy and current students Blair Scott and Emily Deering, plus a look at Reflection, produced by Blair Scott and Sheridan Koehler.

Listen to the audio and read the full article on the KPLU website!

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