Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 411

(Technically: 558)

Meeting with Richard Trammell, our Director of Photography, about planning a few pick-up shots in the coming weeks. Alex Demers, our main zombie, will be back in New York soon and I want to get some more shots of him throughout the city.

I am very close to completing the cut. My initial hopes was to find an editor, but I had so much fun just doing it myself. As much as I hate putting my name everywhere in the credits, I have to take the proper credit for the work I did: Written, Produced, Directed, Edited, Sound Designed, Fundraised, Marketed, and Distributed by George Westberg.

...Okay, that just sounds stupid.

Last year around this time we were gearing up for our Night of the Drinking Dead fundraiser at MJ Armstrong's here in New York City. Once these few pick-ups have been completed -- hopefully by the end of April -- we will have a final edit and begin the 3-month sound design process, during which time I am hoping to do some more fundraising for our post-production budget. We have a few ideas, and it looks like this summer will be the best time to do it.

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