Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 763

(Technically: 910)

I'm feeling a bit run-down today. All of this running around and staying up till 1AM every night for the last week or so working on finishing up "NYZ."

For First Run, they accept either HDCam tape or Digital Cinema Package (DCP), which I've decided to use for one reason and one reason only: sound.

HDCam tapes can only hold up to 4 channels of audio, and DCPs can hold up to 6 channels, which would be best for the 5.1 surround mix I've prepared. I will be going to the theater to meet with the projectionist again to make one final stab at the DCP.

I downloaded a program that allows Macs to read and write Linux drives, but upon further investigation, discovered that most people didn't have much success with anything outside of directly using Linux, which I've been submerged in the past few nights learning how to use.

If it doesn't work, then I must use the inferior HDCam tape.

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