Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 780
(Technically: 927)

Congratulations to Alexandra Naides for short film "Knee High" screening at First Run Film Festival last night.  I was the co-editor and sound designer, as well as clapper/loader and DIT on set.

I've noticed this year, though, that there are no audience ballots for audience awards. Perhaps they just didn't want to bother counting them.   I'm really disappointed with the festival this year in comparison to last year's.  This year there aren't even programs! Imagine that! I asked about this and they just replied, "Oh, the Xerox machine broke." You do realize there's a Kinko's right down the street, right? Very frustrating because I want to be able to know what films are coming up in the screening.  Even the projector wasn't working this morning and cut off the first few minutes of Andrew Cannizarro's "A Girl and Her Guardian," which meant skipping most of the animation that I worked on.  Andrew had to run back and make them start over from the beginning.

Anyway, that's beside the point. This afternoon is the world premiere of "NYZ."  I've spent the past few weeks testing it at the theatre, so any bugs or glitches I've been able to iron out in advance.

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